School profiles: examples of great brands

Nord Anglia Education

This is a good example of how large school groups and trusts can brand their teaglo profile. All the schools in Nord Anglia Education are linked and available to browse under the ‘Schools’ tab.

Click here to view Nord Anglia Education’s school profile on teaglo >

Royal Hospital School

This UK independent senior school includes a branded video, image gallery, descriptive introduction and social links.

Click here to view Royal Hospital School’s school profile on teaglo >

Taunton School

This UK independent school features an engaging introduction including a quote from the Headmaster, and details about how they value their staff.

Click here to view Taunton School’s school profile on teaglo here >

Top tips for an impressive school profile

  • Choose an eye catching, colourful banner
  • Celebrate what’s different, exciting and unique about your school in the description text
  • Add a school video to draw people in
  • Add in all your social media links to encourage followers to explore
  • Upload at least 5 images to your gallery
  • Start posting updates to give a feel for life at your school
  • Encourage your teachers to join teaglo to appear on the school profile
  • Upload all your jobs so teachers interested in working for you can easily apply