The seasonal survival guide for teachers by teachers

festive tips for teachers by teachers

December can be a time of great joy but with dark mornings, late nights and weeks full of festive performances and events, this time of year is renowned for being one of the toughest for teachers, especially for those who are just starting out in their careers.

We asked teachers to share their best advice for making it through to the Christmas break and if you are already feeling the festive fatigue building, these seasonal survival tips might be just what you need.

“Try to love and embrace the school events even when they have an impact on family life, they are short lived and can be enjoyable. Then, once over totally focus on family not school.” @Headspiration

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“Well-Being Box in staffroom containing some of the following snacks, tissues, mood spray, sanitary supplies, hot water bottle… etc. Very well received…” @ellie_sillitoe

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“Going out with staff for a meal helps to uplift me. Pacing myself and getting as much sleep as I can also helps.” @rondelle10_b

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“Getting up in the dark is really hard. Bright light helps. I put a load of lamps around my desk to make the and find that wakes me up. Carol concerts/school performances are lovely. It’s great to see student excelling at something outside the classroom.” @LukeRicha

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“Look after yourself. Take time to enjoy festivities with your family, & do as much Christmas shopping as you can online!” @KKNTeachLearn

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“Have at least one day when you leave on time, even if you’re SLT. Have some nice coffee or good biscuits in your desk and enjoy them, share with colleagues. Get out of your room at break or lunch at least 15 mins. Go out of your way to be extra nice to other staff.” @MflMore

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“Go all in and remind yourself that for some of these students, this is as festive as it gets (however it may be that your school gets in the spirit). Despite the chaos, you need to take some time for self-care — whatever that may look like for you.” @HSTeacherinCA

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Thank you to all the teachers who shared their tips with us: @KKNTeachLearn, @LFPassmore, @MrReganY5, @leadingspark, @MrsH_leftitlate, @Headspiration, @LukeRicha, @rondelle10_b, @MflMore, @HSTeacherinCA, @ellie_sillitoe. You can check out the original twitter thread here.

We hope this survival guide helps you to make the most of the festive season and the run in to a well-deserved break.

Do you have your own tips for getting through the term? Please share your top tips in the comments below to inspire even more teachers.

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