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Here are 5 top teacher resources handpicked by our team, hot off the press and brand new to the teaglo Resources hub.

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teaglo Resources 5 picks this week

  1. Bernard Davies’ Chemistry videos

    Teaching videos for Chemistry A-level (and some Biology A-level too). AQA specification but very relevant for all UK boards.

  2. Miss Estruch Biology

    Free video lessons which include mini-quizzes to give everyone the opportunity to actively recall and test their knowledge.

  3. Melody Valois GCSE Spanish writing frames

    A writing frame to support Spanish GCSE students writing essays.

  4. Sarah Farrell Year 6 Arithmetic tests

    49 arithmetic tests with answers and an accompanying excel spreadsheet to track individual trends over time and class gaps.

  5. La Prof de Fransais A-Level French Individual Research Project

    Classroom display for IRP- French A Level.

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