Teaching in 2020: lessons from lockdown

Throughout the last few challenging months, while somehow managing to continue to deliver quality education to students, many teachers and educational leaders have supported each other and shared their stories, struggles and survival tips.

We are proud to bring you a collection of some of the best of these in our distance teaching diaries. Read on for remote teaching tips, reflections and motivation for the new term.

1. Cilla, International Teacher, China

Cilla, a teacher at Hangzhou International School, shares her reflections of living in lock down in China during the coronavirus pandemic.

Seven weeks of uncertainty >

2. Tom Brassington, Year 4 Teacher, Derby

In this uplifting edition of the distance teaching diaries, primary school teacher Tom Brassington contemplates the freedom of an EYFS classroom.

Read more >

3. Peter Fogarty, Head Teacher, Bucharest

Head Teacher Peter Fogarty shares his remote teaching resource recommendations and helpful advice on how to cope with teaching under lockdown.

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4. Emily Weston, Year 6 Teacher, Swindon


This one is good for the soul. A reflective piece featuring helpful tips on isolation teaching and staying well.

Read more >

5. Ms P, English Teacher, Essex

Ms P contemplates the highs and lows of teaching in the time of Covid-19, and celebrates the thriving online community of support that has emerged.

Chaos rules in the classroom >

6. Mr S, Deputy Headteacher, Norfolk

Mr S opens up about the lived reality faced by teachers and school communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coping with school closures >

7. Deborah Rowland, Middle School History Teacher, Idaho

An honest, heartwarming piece on the personal and professional challenges of the teaching under lockdown.

Education is not the building >

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