September #MonthlyWritingChallenge: Journeys

What is the #MonthlyWritingChallenge?

The #DailyWritingChallenge ran for 100 days during lockdown, initiated by Hannah Wilson, Co-Founder of #DiverseEd. Many educators found their voice and started blogging to help process their experiences during the global pandemic, lockdown and school closures.

As schools reopened the bloggers asked to continue the writing habit but at a slower pace, so the #MonthlyWritingChallenge was born, launching in September with the theme of #Journeys.

As part of our drive to find and amplify fresh teacher voices, and in partnership with Diverse Educators, we will be featuring a selection of #MonthlyWritingChallenge blogs on teaglo each month.

To get involved tune in to @Ethical_Leader on  Twitter on the last Sunday of each month to find out the monthly theme. Then write and publish 500 words on the theme for that month and remember to share your blog with the #MonthlyWritingChallenge hashtag on Twitter and tag @ethical_leader, @diverseed2020 and @teaglo

September’s theme is journeys.

Journeys we have been on, the journeys we are on and the journeys we will go on.

We look forward to reading and featuring your reflections here on the blog and in the teaglo feed.

#journeys blogs

1. “The journey we walk with ourselves internally, is as interesting and insightful, as the journey we walk with others externally.” – Hannah Wilson

2. “For so long, I dreamt of travelling the world, encouraged by the books I read and studied.” – Yamina B

3. “I am on an exciting/equally terrifying journey as a new author. It’s a really exciting time, but can also be a bit overwhelming.” – Amy Sayer

4. “The journey one has with their family, to me, is one of the most influential.” – Miss Tough

5. “Your journey is yours, you need to own it and grab onto it with both hands.” – Annelouise Jordan

6. “Don’t forget to smell the roses. Life can be such a beautiful journey. Always be ‘becoming something’.” – Bibire Ose Fowora

7. “We move forward with trepidation, yet also with a quiet, buzzing resilience to plan as best we can and embrace our journeys with positivity, for tomorrow is a new day.” – Lizzy Anne G

8. “This monumental journey and this time with my son nourished me.” – Susan Gardner

9. “Whatever your commute is: make it an enjoyable journey. It’s one you do every day.” – Luke Hale

10. “Celebrate that you are unique and so is your journey.” – Jennifer McDougall

11. “It took me on a journey of self discovery and understand the very aspect of acquiring insights into myself.”– Mrs SK

12. “I stand on the ‘shoulders of giants’ who in their own way have nudged and lifted me, supporting and encouraging me to reach heights I never thought possible.” – We Women Lead

13. “This emotional journey taught me so much about there being a light in darkness.” – Kat F

14. “Their journey is more important than their destination because they must all keep together to survive their journey.” – Mrs Louise S

15. Journey – a poem by Tracey Smith

16. “To say the last 12 months has been hard on my mental health is an understatement. I felt like my whole identity had been taken from me.” – Anonymous

17. “Having navigated our route across the rocks successfully, I opened the matchbox and tipped the ashes into the sea.” – Helen Porter

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