Reignite your passion for teaching with these summer reads

We’ve curated a list of inspirational reads for the summer break. Thank you to all the teachers who contributed a range of excellent recommendations. Relax into summer break,  and reignite your passion for teaching with these books:

The Magic-Weaving Business – Sir John Jones

“This book is a real positive boost for anyone in teaching. It really defines what the skill of teaching is and the impact it(you) have. Whether you’ve been teaching for a while or just started out I found it very inspiring.” Mrs P on Twitter

Creating Learning Without Limits – Mandy Swann, Alison Peacock, Susan Hart, Mary Jane Drummond

Courageous Leadership – Diana Osagie

Seven Myths About Education – Daisy Christodoulou

Early Reading Instruction: what science really tells us about how to teach reading – Diane McGuinness

“This has been very highly recommended to me by SO many people I look up to in the world of phonics/early reading development, so I’ll be delving into it at some point this summer.” Mr Leyshon on Twitter

Dual Coding with Teachers – Oliver Caviglioli


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