Sneak a peek at teaglo’s new Jobs feed

Here at teaglo, the team is always thinking of ways to make our platform better for teachers. This week, we bring you a preview of the latest features and sharp design enhancements to teaglo Jobs, scheduled for release in April. We hope you like what you see.

So, what’s the big idea behind teaglo Jobs?

It is a fact of life that finding the ideal job can make you happy. And that being stuck in the wrong job can be miserable. When you do what you do best, in a place you love, the world just feels better. This fact is true for teachers, as you are a particularly passionate, dedicated bunch. 

We created the teaglo social network to give teachers full control over your professional brand, career choices, and mobility – and teaglo Jobs is a key driver behind making this happen. 

To help stop so many teachers leaving the profession within 5 years of starting, we have harnessed the power of social media and online technology tools, and made them work for you. By directly connecting teachers to schools, teaglo Jobs brings the best career opportunities directly to you. What’s more, it’s free for schools and teachers… forever. No more job fairs, advertising, and costly headhunters, meaning schools save money that can be better spent on supporting student achievement and wellbeing.  

Currently, teaglo Jobs enables teachers to:

  • Search 100s of new local and global jobs
  • Allow recruiting schools to find and approach you directly
  • Access to state, private, and international jobs in one place
  • Follow and engage with schools you are interested in working for
  • Set your job seeking status as ‘not looking’, ‘actively looking’,  or ‘open to offers’
  • Keep your job seeking status from your current school

So what’s new

You’ll still have access to all existing functionality, but with some exciting additions and improvements.

  • Improved user experience via teaglo Jobs refreshed homepage design and engaging interface
  • New look individual job pages with key information like location, closing date and salary more prominently displayed
  • Clean and user friendly navigation
  • Better design makes it easy to filter jobs by salary, country, subject and more.
  • New ‘quick filter’ option organises jobs into teaching, non-teaching and leadership roles instantly
  • One-click access My Network, My Profile, and My Resources (coming soon)
preview of new teaglo Jobs design on laptop

The latest teaglo Jobs update will make it easier for teachers to search, find and apply for jobs, and plan their career from the comfort of their teaglo profile.

Jo, teaglo product manager

What that means for you

Rejoice, this update will not affect your current job applications or profile activity. 

When you log in next month, searching and applying for jobs will simply be easier, not to mention more fun. We believe the new teaglo Jobs will help you land the job you deserve, and encourage you to explore and apply for amazing career opportunities in the UK and all around the world…for free.

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Remember to check back here next week for more product updates, announcements and sneak previews. 

About the author

teagloAfter years of working in UK and international education, we grew frustrated with the slow pace of change. In a moment of clarity, we decided to get even, not mad. So, we founded teaglo: the only global social network that gives teachers and schools everything they need to succeed in one place, and complete control over their capabilities, brand, network, development, and careers. We are here to connect innovative educators to the opportunities and tools they need to succeed...anywhere in the world.

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