New PE teacher jobs this week

This week, schools posted 100s of new jobs on teaglo. Check out our hand-picked selection of Physical Education teacher jobs below and see who’s hiring.

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  1. Physical Education & Technology Teacher (Volunteer)
    Mercy Ships Academy,
    Bangui, Central African Republic
  2. PE Teacher – Girls (Temporary for Summer Term)
    Shipston High School,
    Warwickshire, United Kingdom
  3. Head of House/Teacher of PE
    Carlton Academy
    Nottingham, United Kingdom
  4. Teacher of Boys Physical Education
    Redden Court School,
    Romford, United Kingdom
  5. Teacher of Girl PE with PE leadership
    James Bateman Junior High School,
    Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
  6. Teacher of PE and a Second Subject
    Desborough College,
    Maidenhead, United Kingdom
  7. Teacher of Physical Education
    St. Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls,
    Carshalton, United Kingdom
  8. Teacher of PE
    Stanley High School,
    Southport, United Kingdom
  9. Teacher of Physical Education Full-Time MPS
    Warmingham Primary School,
    Sandbach, United Kingdom
  10. Teacher of PE
    The Hastings Academy,
    Hastings, United Kingdom

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