My first month as an NQT

Mr Bache shares his experiences of the first days and weeks as a newly qualified teacher in the latest instalment of our NQT Diaries. 

Before the first day

The countdown is seriously on to the beginning of my new journey in Year 4 ‘Otters’. I have been preparing for this day for a long time and my classroom is finally ready! I’ve made sure my book corner is inspiring, books are diverse and it is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! I have planned all that needs to be planned, looked at the data from last year and organised a very flexible seating plan. 1 day to go… let’s do this!

After the first week

I……….HAPPY! To finish the first week of my NQT year is an amazing feeling. My class have settled in really well (some are testing the waters), but I couldn’t be prouder of them. We introduced our project of the Anglo-Saxons with a hook being an archaeological dig. Planning is all under control and it is a lovely feeling knowing I am not being observed/watched everyday. My confidence is growing daily and the support I have from my NQT mentor and SLT is wonderful.

3 weeks later…

3 weeks into the new year and I can safely say I am into the swing of things. Yes I am working long hours. Yes I am very tired. BUT it is all worth it when I see progress from the children in my class. As a school we have worked very hard on the foundation curriculum, building projects that are rich, purposeful and rewarding for ALL of our children. We had a CPD with Jonathan Lear (Guerrilla Curriculum) which was inspiring and gave us lots to think about 🙂.

Thank you to teaglo for asking me to write for their blog and I am excited to continue documenting my NQT journey.

About the author

Mr BacheAfter many years of performing, Alfred decided to move into the education sector and became an LSA at his local school. It was there Alfred realised his dream was to become a teacher. A few years later and it came to fruition. He is now embarking on his NQT year in 'Otters' - Year 4 class and is excited for what this year will bring.

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