It’s happening, isn’t it?

Our latest NQT diary submission comes from Mr Regan, an NQT in Year 5. 

First day jitters

This is it. I’m responsible for 30 incredible year 5 children. I spent a transition morning with my class in July – the same class I had for my interview observation – and they had already won my heart. They were golden that day, was it just a one off? I have wanted this for as long as I can remember, but am I up to the job? I have read all the blogs and articles about ‘surviving your NQT year’, so now it is my time to make it work.

Settling in

I had more settling in to do than the children. They know the staff; the system and the routines. I don’t. My school is a 2-form entry school located in the top 1% most deprived areas of the UK.

These children have it tough so I needed to settle in quickly for them, but also for me.

Aims for the year

Next year I have been told I will be taking on the responsibility of becoming PE lead. This news came shortly after I started as an NQT, and quite frankly, I was flattered. I have so much professional learning to do, but I also wanted to step up quickly and show them that they made the right choice. Thanks to my wonderful class of children, I not only ‘survived’, I thrived.

I am changing lives – just like every other teacher out there. It has been tough, and will continue to be for a while as I find my feet. The days are long. There is always that one child who can sense your stress and anxiety and will play on it. Or that one parent who will try their luck with the “new teacher”. However, most days, after everyone has gone home, I sit down in my classroom and realise I have made a difference.

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About the author

Mr ReganMr. Regan studied PE and School Sport at university with the intention of becoming a secondary school PE teacher. After a few primary school placements he decided that was where he really belonged. He completed a Schools Direct course with MerseyBorough ITT with PGCE. He is excited to see where this profession leads, and can’t wait to help sculpt the next generation. He supports Arsenal which doesn't go down well living up North.

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