Brand boosting enhancements for schools

We’ve been busy refreshing the design of teaglo’s school profile and job pages, ready for launch next month. We are delighted to give you a preview, right here on the teaglo blog.

What does teaglo offer schools?

teaglo gives Heads and school HR teams total control over your entire recruitment process, talent funnels, and budget… for free. No school deserves to be stuck with expensive advertising, job boards, recruitment fairs, and agency fees in order to find great teachers. At teaglo, we give schools limitless recruitment options, the ability to promote yourself all year round, and post unlimited vacancies, which enables you to save money that can be better spent on supporting student achievement and wellbeing.

With teaglo, schools can:

  • craft a branded school profile that attracts 1000s of top teachers
  • centrally manage school groups and trusts
  • post videos and images
  • avoid expensive recruitment fees
  • post unlimited job vacancies free
  • search and invite teachers to apply directly for your jobs
  • manage all recruitment on teaglo, or send candidates to your website
  • keep more of your money to spend on student achievement.

So, what’s new

School profiles are getting a raft of new features, including:

  • an inviting new layout, designed to increase engagement and followers
  • intuitive navigation to help teachers find key information about your school quickly
  • one-click access to Group/School management and Job management tabs.

Job page design revamp features, include:

  • an enhanced layout designed to drive interest and applications, with bright call to action buttons and key information like location, closing date and salary more prominently displayed
  • a new option to include a large banner image
  • additional formatting options
  • more space for the job description text.

The latest teaglo update will make it even easier for schools to celebrate pupil and staff achievements, share school news and promote vacancies to 1000s of teachers on teaglo…for free.

Jo, teaglo product manager

What this means for schools on teaglo

When you log in after the updates have been applied, you’ll be able to post unlimited jobs, as usual, and If you have posted jobs on teaglo, these will remain live and able to accept applications. You will need to upload a new image to your school profile to complement the new design.

Remember to check back here next week for more product updates, announcements and sneak previews.


About the author

teagloAfter years of working in UK and international education, we grew frustrated with the slow pace of change. In a moment of clarity, we decided to get even, not mad. So, we founded teaglo: the only global social network that gives teachers and schools everything they need to succeed in one place, and complete control over their capabilities, brand, network, development, and careers. We are here to connect innovative educators to the opportunities and tools they need to succeed...anywhere in the world.

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