8 new podcasts by teachers to subscribe to now

Somehow, in the midst of relentless upheaval over the last few months, teachers everywhere continue to find new ways to connect, share and learn. Now, presumably when they should be resting up after a long day at work, many teachers are busy producing top quality new podcasts. Here are some of the best ones we’ve stumbled across recently.

After School Club

The brand new weekly podcast hosted by Sam & Priya – two teachers who love discussing the education system, how to navigate through the society we live in and how we can make the world just that little bit better for future generations.

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Nicole QT Podcast 

The podcast for NQTs, RQTs, and teaching students who want to learn and share advice in a safe and caring space.

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Non Contact Podcast

A place where educators Kath and Hannah talk about all things teaching! The agenda covers Data (items from the news), Teaching and Learning (pedagogical tips and support), Pupil Causing Concern (funny stories from the classroom) and AOB (teacher shout outs and thank-yous).

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NQTea and Biscuits Podcast

Educational podcast for NQT’s and trainees. Mr Bache, a primary teacher, talks about past experiences and has special guests each week to ‘spill the tee’.

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Virtually Teachers

Virtually Teachers is a show which brings 5 teachers from different contexts together in a roundtable format to discuss big educational questions.

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Boys Don’t Try

An educational podcast from authors of ‘Boys Don’t Try?’ – Rethinking Masculinity in Schools’, a guide for teachers teaching boys in the modern setting, Matt Pinkett and Mark Roberts, hosted by James Trapp.

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More Teacher Talk

Conversations focus on curriculum, pedagogy, pastoral support, well-being, assessment, leadership and teaching. ​ The mission at MoreTeacherTalk is simple: share the authentic, positive voices of teachers from around the world.

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Learning Dust

Dave (@ITBadger) & Andy (@MrAColley) host this podcast for techies & teachers. LearningDust aims to promote harmonious relationships between teachers, technicians and leadership teams.

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Have you discovered any new teacher podcasts? Are there any others you’d like to see added to this list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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