5 Quick Expert Tips for NQTs

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Here are 5 golden nuggets of wisdom for NQTs from Sarah Mullin of #EduTeacherTips fame, delivered directly to the camera, by experienced educators. There are many more gems like these on teaglo Resources right now. Head over now to explore.

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5 EduTeacherTips for NQTs

  1. Relationships with adults

    Dr. Kalum McKay is a middle school principal in Texas (USA). He is also a speaker, author and founder of Choose to be GREAT. He tweets @DrKalumMckay

  2. Leave work at work

    James is the founder of @Well4Educators which helps teachers to leave work at work and helps senior leaders to create a culture where work/life balance is possible.

  3. Wellbeing matters

    Lisa Fathers is the Director of Teaching Schools and Partnerships, BFET Executive Team, YST Ambassador HT, national trainer MHFA Eng, FCCT.

  4. Make marking manageable

    Having previously worked as Head of English and Media in both the independent and state sector, Sara Louise Barker now teaches English at an all-through state school in the South East of England. As well as mentoring ITT students and Newly Qualified Teachers, Sara also marks GCSE And A-Level exams for a leading exam board.

  5. Tips from a courageous leader

    Diana Osagie is a former secondary school teacher, leadership coach and keynote speaker on leading with courage. She is the author of ‘Courageous Leadership.’

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