30 days of social media content for schools

Although there never seems to be a shortage of activity happening at a school, there are certainly days when you just don’t have the time to stop for a photo and social media post. That’s when a free tool like Hootsuite or Later comes in handy. Set aside a couple of hours and schedule a month’s worth of social media posts that can be shared anytime with just a click of a button.

30 school social media posts to schedule for later

  1. Tips for Parents: If you’re a parent yourself you’ll know the value of a tip that actually works. From simple tips on how to make mornings stress-free to supporting your child through the difficult teenage years, what advice can you give your parents? Ask parents to contribute their tips as well. Inundated with tips? Turn them into a blog!
  2. FAQs: Why not answer some of the frequently asked questions of your parents. FAQs are a great way to get deliver information and share your USPs with prospective parents as well.
  3. Education Facts: Share some positive facts or stats about private, boarding or single-sex schools that parents may not know about. For example, you may have evidence to confirm students achieve better results if attend a single-sex school.
  4. Parent Challenge: Are your parents smarter than a 10-year-old? Challenge them to a maths problem or test their geography skills. If you’re Instagram use the Stories Quiz sticker!
  5. Share Gratitude: Thank someone that has helped you, a member of your support team or one of your hard-working teachers. Giving thanks can be just as rewarding as receiving it. Make someone’s day.
  6. Teacher Profiles: People buy into other people so showcasing your teachers is a fantastic way to promote your school.  Share the faces that students interact with each day. Ask your teachers to submit their own profiles and half of your work is already done!
  7. Recognise Holidays: Acknowledge holidays within your own country but also others around the world. This can be especially important if you’re a multicultural or international school.
  8. Books Reviews or Recommendations: Ask a teacher, your librarian or even your students to recommend or review a book. Post reviews for each age category and prepare next summer’s reading lists now!
  9. Your Most Popular Blog: Check your Google Analytics to find which of your blogs was the most read last month, last year or ever. Reshare it for those who might have missed it and consider writing more of the same.
  10. Testimonials: Parent, student, and alumni testimonials are marketing gold! If you’re not already collecting testimonials make a point to reach out on a regular basis and get feedback.
  11. Fun School Facts: Did you know that Kings School, Canterbury is the oldest operating school in the world? Sharing a fun fact about your school is a great way to share your story in a light-hearted way.
  12. Old School Photos: Visit the archives and dig out some photos to share with current parents and alumni. Challenge your followers to guess the teacher, building or year—it’s the perfect#ThrowbackThursday post.
  13. Your School Motto: Can you share a real-life and meaningful example of your school motto? Help parents and students make a connection with your school.
  14. Motivational Quotes: Who couldn’t use a little boost on a Monday morning? Share a #MondayMotivation to get your students excited about the week to come!
  15. Spotlight Your School Charity: Remind parents how they can get involved or where they can donate to the charity your school supports. Check Instagram’s charity sticker to see if your charity is listed and promote through your Stories.
  16. Cross-Promote Your Social Channels: Give parents options on where they can follow you. Perhaps they’ve been thinking of closing their Twitter account but didn’t realise they could follow you on Instagram as well.
  17. School Tour: Record a virtual tour of your school using your phone! If you’re concerned about your student’s privacy, do an after-hours recording or use a tool to blur students’ faces.
  18. Where to Find: Direct parents on where they can find information on your website. Use a screen capture tool like Screencast-O-Matic to make it more engaging and memorable.
  19. Staff Pets: Who doesn’t love animal pics? Why not share your staff’s furry loved ones or encourage parents and pupils to share their pet pics.
  20. Shout Out to a Local Business: Give a shout out to a local business that has shown their support or donated to your school. Chances are they’ll share your post and expand your reach even further.
  21. Showcase Your Talent: Share some of the amazing artwork your students are producing. Turn your best photos into a virtual art gallery.
  22. Promote Your Newsletter: Can prospective parents register for your newsletter online? Share the link and increase your mailing list!
  23. Run a Contest: This can be something as simple as like, retweet or comment on your post to win. Or perhaps it’s a hashtag contest—the first alumni to share a photo using your #SchoolNameAlumniYear hashtag wins free tickets to your upcoming event.
  24. Interview Your Head: Write a series of questions and ask your head to answer them either in a video or audio recording. Share the questions and answers across several posts. When you’ve finished sharing them all, compile a blog and/or vlog post!
  25. Survey Your Alumni or Parents: Whether it’s sharing a link to an in-depth survey or creating a simple one right in your social media platform, surveys or polls are a great way to gather information or feedback from those important audiences.
  26. Your School Prospectus: If you have a digital version of your prospectus (or other collateral), share a link across your social platforms.
  27. Promote Your School Store: Some school’s online stores aren’t so easy to find. Help parents and sales by sharing a link to your school’s online shop.
  28. Share Your School Video: No matter if it’s 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years old, if your video is done well it will stand the test of time and will be worth sharing on a regular basis. Create an animated gif from a short section of the video and encourage followers to click through to your website to watch the full version.
  29. School Stats/Results: Your school may have some stats you are really proud of. If that’s the case, look to share them in a visual way that makes it easy for followers to digest in just a glance.
  30. Why Your School? Why should a parent or student choose your school? Answer the question in a series of posts that directs readers to a landing page, expanding on your posts.

Ask for Follows: Don’t be shy about asking those on social to follow you! Give them an idea of what they can expect from and watch your audience grow!

Both Hootsuite and Later are free social scheduling and monitoring platforms so do make a point to check them out and experience for yourself how they can help to put the fun back into social media!

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