12 epic podcasts for teachers

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It’s official. Humans are loving the humble podcast. As of April 2019 there are over 700,000 of them, which is up a staggering 150,00 from 2018*. And it turns out that teachers are among the most prolific and talented producers. So here is teaglo’s guide to 12 of the best podcasts for teachers.

10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Vicki Davis aka Cool Cat Teacher

‘Powerful, practical ways to be a more remarkable teacher, today.’

The 10 Minute Teacher podcast hosts informal but informative interviews with amazing teachers and educational influencers. Each episode features tips, advice, and inspiration, from how to progress your career, to motivating students in the classroom.

Don’t shoot the deputies podcast by @DynamicDeps

This monthly podcast is the brainchild of two UK Primary School Deputy Heads who serve up helpful first-hand advice alongside interviews with a variety of guests. A must read for any teacher looking to change jobs or move into leadership.

Luke Richardson Creative

“Inspiring creativity, fostering a creative habit, just for the love of creativity.”

Both a teacher and writer, Luke talks passionately about his own experiences interspersed with nuggets of wisdom for anyone looking to kick start their own creative crusade.

Naylor’s Natter

Phil Naylor is a Deputy Headteacher with more than 20 years of experience in education. His podcast brings teachers from all sectors of education together to have their voice heard, to discuss evidence, research and continuing professional development. Naylor’s Natter features people talking about John Catt Education as well as education in England and the US.

Mr Barton Maths Podcast, with Craig Barton

Although this started out as a maths focused podcast, it now covers issues that appeal to teachers of all subjects and ages. Craig has interviewed some impressive guests including Becky Allen (of TeacherTapp fame), and Alex Quigley (Author of ‘Closing the vocabulary gap’)

You have to love the jazzy intro to this one.

Don’t know which episode to start with? We recommend  Slice of Advice.

HWRK Podcast

The ‘Essential Podcast for Educators in the UK’

Brought to you by the top people behind the HWRK Magazine, you can find easy to digest pieces on everything from What makes a good teacher, to topical issues about the ongoing Teacher Recruitment Crisis.

Cult of Pedagogy

Teacher and Editor-in-Chief at Cult of Pedagogy, Jennifer Gonzalez talks teaching strategies, and interviews educators, students and parents. Tune in for uplifting advice and suggestions from edtech to dress code to how to lead your classroom.

Truth for teachers, by Angela Watson (of Cornerstone for Teachers blog)

Angela is a National Board Certified Teacher with an MA in Curriculum and Instruction. She has 11 years of classroom experience and over a decade as an instructional coach. Truth for Teachers is consistently ranked in the top 10 K-12 podcasts on iTunes. She releases a new episode every Sunday to energise educators for the week ahead.

Modern Learners

Expert interviews, real-world stories, and provocative insights in a fast-paced, interview-style, led by educational thought leaders Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon. 

This interview with the head of Avenue School, and his vision for a Truly Global School is a good place to start.

Shukes & Giff

This weekly podcast by Canadian educators Kim Pollishuke and Jen Giffen features new, practical and fun ideas for use in the classroom, and has some great tips on cutting edge edtech and tools that will change your working life.

Edsurge on Air Podcast

OK, so this podcast is hosted by the editors at EdSurge, so it’s not technically produced by teachers. But we love their Teachable Moments series – about why teachers teach. This is a thought provoking one where educators share stories about learning from and understanding students.

Hack Learning

Longtime teacher and bestselling author, Mark Barnes, offers up solutions to some of the biggest issues teachers face, in brief, no-nonsense slugs. Finding Balance as a Teacher is a great place to jump in.

Teachers need teachers

Kim Lepre answers the burning questions that new teachers are asking, and offers key advice and support. She aims to ‘help teachers ditch the overwhelm and anxiety of teaching. Get ready to feel capable and control of your teaching without giving up your evenings and weekends.’ The perfect podcast for new teachers.

Inspired to start your own podcast? We’d love to hear about it. Got a great podcast to add to the list… just leave a comment about it.

*Podcast stats: https://www.podcastinsights.com/podcast-statistics/

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