teaglo, the teacher social network, brings teachers together in one place where they are free to share ideas, knowledge and resources and connect with schools to find their next dream job.

Teachers and schools have access to a range of exciting features and tools on teaglo:

  • Professional teacher brand or company profile
  • Personalised social feed full of educational news, tips and insights
  • Access a global network of like-minded teachers and schools ready to connect
  • Exciting recruitment opportunities and career moves

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Our mission

After years of working in the UK and English-speaking international school markets, we grew frustrated with the limitations placed on career building in education, and the high costs of teacher recruitment. Everywhere we looked, we ran up against the same old blockers – talented people trapped by a lack of choice and innovation… unconnected and professionally isolated.

In a moment of collective clarity, we decided to get even, not mad. So, we founded teaglo.

Our goal was simple – give progressive teachers and schools the tools they need to succeed in a highly connected world. We made teaglo social by design to:

  • make teachers lives easier
  • enable educators to engage with the best talent and ideas, 24/7, anywhere in the world
  • free teachers to create positive change in their professional lives
  • give schools control over their recruitment and free them from wasting money on expensive recruitment agencies, fairs and advertising.

About the teaglo team

We are bonded by a common vision – to elevate the teaching profession, and empower educators with the tools to drive their own success. Our team expertise spans teaching, leadership, marketing, brand, technology, social media, and business. Together we have over 50 years driving positive change in education.

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